What's next?

In 2014 we lost the battle, but not the war. For now we're focussed on getting those 'more powers' we were promised, and if they aren't forthcoming in full, then it's time for indyref2!

The key target is to build the strongest pro-indy voice we can for Scotland . .


Get active campaigning against or for those things we wanted independence to help stop or resolve.


Go on demos, contribute to campaigns, talk to people, write to newspapers' letters pages, post online, Tweet, Facebook, etc.

STEP 3: VOTE SNP FOR WESTMINSTER IN 2015 - Done. Good job ;)

Thanks to strong candidates, a focussed message and a huge number of committed activists, the SNP MPs won an astonishing 56 of Scotland's 59 seats at Westminster. They are now doing a fabulous job speaking up for Scotland, and others across UK, as no party from Scotland has ever done before, and intend to continue to do so. But it's not enough.

It's now perfectly clear that Westminster plans to water-down every 'Vow' and promise made before the referendum as much as possible, and essentially ignore what Scotland wants. Blocking every single amendment for more powers for Scotland in the Scotland Bill - proposed by 58 of Scotland's MPs - could not make that clearer. So, we need to keep pushing and keep active to get more powers for Scotland, and if they are not forthcoming, work towards a second independence referendum.


Vote for the pro-indy Scottish party you want at Holyrood in the 2016 Scottish General Election - SNP, Green or SSP. At all costs we must prevent a Unionist majority at Holyrood in 2016 as that would sabotage a pro-indy Scottish Government.


vote pro-indy holyrood 2016



Printing the posters, flyers and postcards

A3/A4 posters and A4 and A5 Flyers for Home Printing: these have been designed to print full page from standard laser or inkjet printer. That means that if your printer is capable of printing borderless prints they will print to fill the full area of the A4 or A3 page. If your home printer can't do this, then select 'centre' and/or 'scale to fit' to ensure the posters print properly. The result will have a white border around it but be perfectly usable.

High-resolution Flyers & Postcards for professional printing: Artwork has been prepared for printing in bulk by a professional printer - 300dpi artwork in CMYK with 3mm bleed and saved as Phototshop PDF files. I tend to use Saxoprint for printing these myself (though they prefer a 2mm bleed), but if you have a preferred local printing company they should be happy to work with these files

Spotted a mistake? I've based these poster designs on facts I've learned through websites and Twitter*. If you spot an error in one of them, please tell me and I'll correct it.